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Few investments earn a return like an investment in your career.


We take VA, we work with Agency's like WorkOne, IUL, Father's and Families and Mary Riggs Community Center to help with tuition assistance. We also do payment plans with a low down payment, we offer financing options, and lifetime job placement. CDL XPress will open the road to an excellent career and income opportunities.


The CDL XPress team of certified instructors, support staff, management, and school founders is made up of current and veteran CDL-holders, former state transportation officials, and truck mechanics. They know what it takes to get you equipped to succeed and to get started on the road to a great career.


Your investment of tuition and time gets you into the very best learning and career-prep environment. CDL XPress delivers an unmatched mix of outstanding expertise, facilities, equipment, career preparation, and job placement support.


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